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The Problem

  • Noncompete agreements result in wage suppression and prevent employees from leveraging success for career advancement
  • Would-be job creators are discouraged from starting their own business for fear of litigation
  • Talent pools in high-demand industries run dry and remain stagnant, leaving both employer and employee at a disadvantage

The Solution

  • Support legislation to end noncompete agreements in Massachusetts
  • Simultaneously support the adoption of strict non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements, policies that protect employers against intellectual property and customer theft
  • Donate to support the cause, sign the petition, and contact your local representative to ensure your message is heard!

The Benefits

  • Promotes job creation by making Massachusetts a more attractive place for entrepreneurs and investors to launch new business
  • Ends the artificial suppression of wages, enabling Massachusetts workers to maximize their earning power and contribute more to the overall economy 
  • Increases the frequency and scope of innovation by allowing the brightest minds to move and think freely within the workforce

Are you a company that’s dropped noncompetes?

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