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Join our community of supporters by signing the official petition to ban noncompetes. Your signature brings Massachusetts a step closer to providing its citizens with the opportunities they deserve.

I want to create jobs in Massachusetts by ending noncompete agreements.

We Believe:
  1. In innovation and creativity
  2. That the good of the whole outweighs the interests any one individual or company
  3. In employee mobility and the freedom to determine one’s own career
  4. In protecting trade secrets, proprietary information, confidentiality and safeguarding legitimate business interests
  5. That non-solicitation agreements, no-raid and no-poach agreements can be valuable tools for businesses
  6. That innovation drives economic growth
  7. That competition inspires better outcomes
  8. In the free flow of talent
  9. In a more prosperous, more promising and more just Commonwealth
  10. That today’s great companies should be able to spawn tomorrow’s great companies.

We believe in joining states like California in the elimination of noncompetition agreements.

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Meet Our Supporters!

We extend huge thanks to the citizens, companies, entrepeneurs and industry leaders who openly stand with us in the fight to ban noncompetes

People Who Support Us

  • Sean Dalton Highland Capital Partners
  • Paul English Blade LLC
  • Maia Heymann CommonAngels Ventures
  • Gwill York Lighthouse Capital Partners
  • C.A. Webb NEVCA

Companies Who Support Us

Deontes a Company That Has Eliminated Noncompete Practices

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