Fair Employment Alliance

The Fight to End Noncompete Practices in Massachusetts

Our cause is not overly complicated. Noncompete contracts are hurting both Massachusetts’ workers and its economy. Originally designed to protect intellectual property, they are increasingly used as tools of suppression—both of wages and innovation. Noncompetes assume that all employees are “bad actors,” and bar workers from employment in “related fields” for up to two years after leaving a company. We believe this practice is outdated and unnecessary.

We advocate for a ban on noncompete contracts. We believe in Fair Employment – for all.


The Problem


Employees Suffer: Noncompete contracts limit where a person can work, and consequently limit how much they can earn.


Businesses Suffer:
A shrunken talent pool results as countless potential employees are off limits, and many others leave Massachusetts to work where their passions lie.


Massachusetts Suffers:

Would-be job creators found their businesses in other states—because a noncompete prevented them from starting here.


The Solution

Empower Employees and Protect Employers

Remove the restriction on where employees can work, and replace it with restrictions on bad behavior. Eliminate noncompete agreements, and replace them with strict non-solicitation and anti-poaching legislation.


The Benefit


Employees Thrive:  Talented individuals are free to grow their careers in the industry of their choosing without fear of prosecution.


Innovation Thrives: People with great ideas are free to develop their own, unique companies and products in the industries that have inspired them.


Businesses Thrive: Companies in Massachusetts have a wealth of highly motivated talent to draw from and don’t lose out to the “brain drain” epidemic.


Massachusetts Thrives: A 2014 study found that happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees. Fostering an environment of mutual respect between employers and employees cultivates an economy of productivity and innovation. Everyone wins.

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